Julia - Dokumentarfilm

24.10.2013 - 26.10.2013 | Berlin / Moviemento Kino Berlin
© J.Jacki Baier 2005
© J.Jacki Baier 2005

A story of uprootedness and belonging. Of self-discovery and rage.What exactely would drive a boy from art school to leave his home in Klaipeda/Lithuania, to wind up as agirl selling her body on the streets of Berlin, in sweaty back rooms, and on the sticky seats of a porn movietheater?For more than 10 years photographer and filmmaker J.Jackie Baier has followed transsexual Julia K. fromKlaipeda/Lithuania through her uncompromising life as a hooker, outlaw and nonconformist.“I can’t say that I’m a woman, but I’m also not a man. I’m something... I’m a creation of God, but a warpedcreation of God. God wasn’t paying attention when I was born,” says Julia about herself. She does notaccept any authorities other than the God that wasn’t paying attention. She is one of those outsiders thathave never signed the “social contract”.Julia speaks an archaic form of German that hasn’t been used in Germany since the early 19th century. Shepaints watercolors “for relaxation”, as she says.She was at the top of her high-school class and is a graduate of the art school of Klaipeda — and now, inBerlin, she is a transsexual streetwalker who sometimes can’t find her way home.

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2 Livekritiken

Auf der Straße muss man immer damit rechnen, beschädigt zu werden » mehr


Wie verstörend kann ein Dokumentarfilm sein, wie verstörend MUSS ein Film sein, der das Porträt eines verstörten, verstörenden, sich selbst zerstörenden Menschen ist?  » mehr


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